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SuperBody is the leading importer of after market body parts, lamps and mirrors, as well as original body parts for cars in Israel.


SuperBody upholds international strategic partnerships and manages an extensive international connections.
Thanks to a unique, high-quality connections that we can respond quickly and effectively to the changing demands of the dynamic automotive industry in Israel, recognize the technology
innovations and a variety of spare parts in addition to maintain the transport sector.


Our suppliers are our friends, in every sense of the word.
We are proud that our suppliers are our partners in action, they stand by our side in times of challenge and are pleased our successes and achievements.
SuperBody operates in three decades, since its inception the company strives for providing leading service and quality products to its customers, and proudly bears the "flag of excellence"
Flagship of Excellence
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Address: HAMAN Industrial Park - Modiin region Shaked St 15
P.O Box 1967, 73199
Tel: +972-3-5500550 fax: +972-3-5505575
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